We appreciate our customers and want to provide the best shopping experience. To enhance the D&K experience, let one of our stylists assist you with your fashion needs. The stylist will pull all of your clothes and accessories based on your style.  Let our stylist save you time by providing you with excellent and personal customer service.



We also offer personalized in house tailoring services for our customers. So if you are needing any additional hemming on of our products or on something on your own, get it taken care of from our tailors. 

Our tailors are true professionals and very experienced. Our work is always as precise and accurate. You’re going to love the way you look after letting one of our tailors work on your suit.
And if you are needing emergency alterations done, we are more than capable of providing the service. No matter what time of the day you are needing these alterations, whether it be overnight or early in the morning, we are more than happy to fix your problem. We will be as quick as we can while also making sure we are giving you a good quality tailoring service. 
No matter how intricate of work you are needing or how long it may take, it is not a problem for us and we are always willing to help.